Business cards, plastic gift cards, clear business cards.

We specialize in custom plastic cards, business cards, gift cards, key cards, card plus a key tag, 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 plastic cards. 

Enhance the security and function of your custom plastic card with a magnetic stripe or bar code.


Help your business stand out from the competition with our custom gift cards. What does a plastic gift card program do for you? You want to get your cards in the hands of your clients.

Provide them with an option to give these cards away as gifts.

When they know you sell plastic gift cards, they'll come back to buy from you again and again.

This helps build a relationship with your clients and offers reward for your loyal customers.

Increase your profits around the holidays by buying/selling plastic gift cards.  PLASTIC GIFT CARD PRINTING


We can print custom plastic cards that can be used as business cards, gift cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, or anything else you can use for your business or special event.

We are a leader in plastic card printing, offering personalized card printing on both full-color and clear plastic cards made from PVC plastic, unlike our competitors that use cheap plastic.

It takes precision to print on plastic cards.

Our process for printing custom gift cards will give you superior results, even if it's a short run.

Order plastic cards with a variety of print options. Whether you want custom gift cards for a small business or plastic printing for a national brand, we are the plastic card printer trusted by businesses to provide superior, affordable custom plastic cards.

  • Custom Gift Cards Printing
  • Customize your card with embossed numbering, signature panel, magnetic stripe, and barcoding.
  • We use the same stock and thickness as credit cards to create our custom gift cards.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Most Competitive Prices.



1. Release the limitless possibilities for gift cards in your business… premium customized designs, one of a kind shapes, colors, and features will create a lasting impression on your customers.

Our products are made with superior supplies, so you can trust that your cards are as durable as they are beautiful.  2. Custom Gift Cards offer a large variety of shapes. Custom-shaped cards can give a great impression.

We have a huge variety of shapes to choose from.  Are you looking for something no one else has? We can create a unique shape just for your business. Unique gift cards made from a custom die will give you a competitive edge.

3. Increase sales while making a lasting impression with our Customized Gift Cards.

Gift cards are effective at encouraging growth and generating revenue for your business!  In fact, people spend up over $100 billion on gift cards a year, and people who receive gift cards usually spend 20% more than the value of the card, which make custom gift cards and loyalty programs and easy way to promote repeat business and to drive profit. Custom Gift Cards 

Unleash unlimited possibilities for your gift cards with professional custom designs, unique shapes, colors that reflect your business, and features that make a lasting impression among customers.

We create the highest quality gift cards in the plastic card industry, so you’ll know your cards are reliable, consistent, and eye-catching.

Custom Plastic Gift Cards are made of out of PVC and Teslin/Composite plastic.

They can be made into any shape and size.

The custom artwork you develop for your cards will make them unique and special. The definitive PVC card

A PVC (polyvinyl chloride) card is a typical ID card.

These cards are known and used for credit/debit cards, access cards, identification and membership cards to name a few. There are many ways to make an ID card, but we’re only going to cover how you can make a PVC ID card using an Inkjet printer. What is a Teslin Plastic card?

Composite laminated plastic gift card printing: These die-cut layered plastic (composite) gift cards are the size of a credit card, known as CR80 cards, and have a printed synthetic core (Teslin) typically 10 mil thick with both sides laminated with thick plastic to bring the card to the desired thickness. 30 mil is most common with custom gift cards (most credit cards are 30 mil thick).

-Composite cards are scratch-resistant and the most durable plastic card available. - Select a LoCo or HiCo mag-stripe or a barcode for your gift cards, then upload your custom logo or artwork and we will provide a proof for your approval before printing.


Our gift cards are the best value in the industry. We put the best possible quality in your hands with the quickest order fulfillment and the most competitive price.

In addition to gift cards we offer reward and loyalty program cards, VIP program cards, business cards and all sorts of other custom plastic card options.

Our company prides itself on superior quality manufacturing.

Each and every one of our plastic cards reflects this commitment. Your customers will be able to purchase a beautiful Best Gift Cards For Business in any amount to give away to friends and family! Or call toll-free:

Plastic Card ID can design and print custom rechargeable gift cards at wholesale prices for your business. Your customers will be able to buy a durable plastic gift card in any denomination, to present to their friends and family as gifts. These are the same high-quality gift cards you can find at top, national retailers.

For more than 25 years our company has been manufacturing and printing plastic loyalty cards, plastic gift cards, key tags, and plastic postcards.

  • As a plastic card manufacturer, we offer custom card programs for restaurant and retail businesses of all sizes.
  • Gift cards are unique to brands and stores, and they are sold and activated at point of sale locations.
  • Options:
  • Variable data is unique to individual customers 
  • QR Code designs
  • Offers individual and Multi-Pack programs

Features are reloadable

  • Brand specific artwork 
  • Digital production runs have fast turnaround time
  • Benefits:
  • Increased Consumer Brand Identification

Creates a Captured' Consumer with exceptional incremental income opportunities

Increases purchase spend and velocity

Creates a 'Captured' Consumer with significant incremental revenue opportunities

Plastic Card ID is the industry's leading manufacturer of all types of plastic cards for business purposes: IDs, gift cards, loyalty programs, room keys, access control systems and more

How to make money with gift cards:

Gift cards aren't just for big chain stores. Small businesses can enjoy increased shopping, new traffic and overall revenue improvements by incorporating them.


A gift card makes an ideal gift for anybody. How well does your card represent your business brand? Make it great!

Your gift card should reflect the unique qualities of your business.

Whatever you can print on paper can nearly always be printed on plastic. So why not get the gift card you really want? The back of your Gift Card.

Our custom gift card printing allows for the card back to be just as customizable as the front. Most often, the back is printed in black for higher readability. However, you can incorporate any color at no added charge.

Use the space to describe details of the program, list store location and hours, and promote your business’s website.