Print gift cards for your business with a totally custom card design.

Gift cards are reusable, reloadable, and easy to use with POS systems. In addition to that, they’re great for marketing, they can help enhance your customer loyalty. The texture and shine of our Best Gift Cards For Business make them stand far above commonly used paper cards.

A great option for business, loyalty or membership cards.

If you are developing items specifically for VIPs or handing out basic contact info, our plastic business cards can help grab clients' attention.

  • The unique shine and texture will make them stand out against traditional paper business cards.
  • And the PVC plastic, strong and flexible, preserves their attractive look, regardless of the wear and tear they experience.
  • Tips for plastic business cards 
  • Plastic cards are waterproof and durable, making them ideal as loyalty and membership cards.

High-gloss plastic enables the use of the deepest and richest colors

Print on both sides to make these special cards even more impressive

Use permanent black marker to write on your cards since ball point pens won’t work. Does the design on your business card had that special eye-catching factor? Plastic Business Card Printing That Stands the Test of Time.

Handing out plastic business cards at a meeting or trade show will impress your clients.

We use premium plastic with a sheen that instantly stands out among cards made from dull paper card stock. The material we use for our plastic business card printing is long lasting, waterproof, and resistant to tearing. White, frosted, and clear plastic explained

A white plastic card is essentially the "standard" option. If you want a high-quality card that uses solid colors or an opaque backing as a base, this is it. You can print on both sides of white plastic with full-color printing. Our recommendation is to print on both sides, so you can convey maximum information, as well as your company name and logo.

Frosted Plastic / Frosted plastic business cards feature a semi-transparent appearance and matte surface.

The frosted finish shifts the focus on the information printed on one side.

Clear Plastic / Clear plastic business cards are transparent on both sides, so you can only print on one side. The shine of the plastic highlights all the printed information. Combine the Right Shape and Size

You can create business cards using either a square shape or a standard rectangle.

Both rectangle and square shapes come with rounded corners to keep the card user-friendly and easy to slide in and out of a wallet.

Our uniquely shaped oval designs are known for distinguishing itself between average cards and great cards, as we outshine the competition.

We also offer oval for designs that will further separate your business from its competitors.

Print plastic business cards with us today. Our friendly staff of printing experts are waiting to help you get started on your order. Q&A

How does your printing process handle white ink or color on my plastic business card design? All white areas of your design will appear the same as your material (white, frosted, or clear). We suggest using bold or dark colors for best contrast and to take full advantage of our full color printing, which will highlight your company information and logo.

Is it possible to use magnetic strips, sequential numbering, and variable printing on the plastic card?

No, we don’t offer these features for plastic business cards. What does the turnaround time mean? What does the turnaround time indicate?

The turnaround time is the number of days needed to print the job.

Shipping time or direct mail processing time is not included in “turnaround time." All turnaround times are calculated based on business days. Turnaround time excludes national holidays. Plastic Business Cards

It can be hard to find the right plastic business card. Lots of people are not sure if they want clear, semi-transparent, or non-transparent plastic for their cards. We check all orders by hand to make sure only high-quality designs are printed so you’re printing experience is worry-free.

We check all orders manually to make sure a high-quality design is used so you never have to worry about a bad print.

If you experience any difficulty making your design or you want help with altering an image or your design, just let us know online or on the phone as we are always happy to help.

We support all major POS Systems, including Aldelo POS, Toast POS, Salon POS, Revel POS, Restaurant Manager POS Gift Cards, Mind Body POS Gift Cards, Future POS Gift Cards, Aloha POS Gift Cards and many others!

Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards create a high-impact first impression.

Your business card needs to be just as unique as you so it stands out, and plastic cards are the way to do that! PRINT GIFT CARDS Custom gift cards printing for business

Not only are custom gift cards a convenient gift idea for your customers, they also lead to repeat sales and customer loyalty, while promoting your brand in small businesses, such as restaurants, movie theaters, spas and salons, and hospitality businesses.

  • We are able to print and produce custom gift cards that have barcodes, magnetic stripes, QR codes, and even some with scratch-off panels where you can encode a specific gift value amount.
  • Whatever point of sale system you're using, we have a gift card solution for you.
  • Here are common features and customization upgrades available on custom die-cut gift cards:
  • Variable data printing
  • Scratch-off panels

Variable Data Printing Scratch Off Panels Writable finish

Keep in mind that gift cards are the #1 best-selling gift product for most retail shops every season. The fact that most recipients spend approximately 20% over the value of the card means your business gets big profits, all thanks to your added sales of business gift cards. Our full-service artwork design team allows you to either upload your own logo and artwork, or work with the team to get the design that’s right for you, with the correct barcode or magnetic stripe that fits your needs and is compatible with your POS software.

You will always receive a proof for your approval before we take the design into production. We provide the best custom gift cards on the market, so for a card representing your business, our composite plastic, full color printed gift cards with your logo and artwork are the perfect choice.